Get rid of Eye Tiredness through Exercises

Get rid of Eye Tiredness through Exercises

Whenever having a meeting with working woman, often this thing is noticed that while talking she will be again and again putting the hand on her head. Therefore the opposite person clearly understands that she is a working woman and she got tired while working in the office and now have a headache.
In our region mostly we work on computers and because of continually watching on computer screen people feel pain in eyes along with tears. That is why when working women enter the home they face both problems stick with them like a shadow. Even while talking, tears start flowing from their eyes, because of which opposite person assumes that they are worried about something or sad for some reason. People ask them questions that if they are worried for some reason then they should share, this way they can lighten their heart. But what they can explain except this that they are tired because of excess work in front of the computer which is the reason for the tears from their eyes. For such females, we are discussing some exercises here which can give rest to their eyes.


Exercise 1

When you get up in the morning you should do rotatory eye exercise. First rotate the eyes clockwise, then rotate in its opposite direction mean anti-clockwise. Repeat this 5 times. Then close the eyes tight and count till 20, then open the eyes and try to see outside the window. If you have greenery nearby then see that greenery. It is better to repeat this exercise for 3 times. The females who use computers should do this exercise regularly.
Before starting work in office sit relax on your seat. Then make your hand straight and bring the thumb erect. Now bring the face straight toward hand and see at your thumb. If you feel get tears in eyes during this exercise still you should continue it.

Exercise 2

When you have passed few hours on a computer then try this third exercise. For this, first, sit straight. Then try to see the tip of your nose. Then after this try to see between both eyebrows. Then again see at nose tip, this way quickly rotate the eye on both places.

Exercise 3

When you lay down at night for sleep, see towards the roof. Assume that there are five lines in length, see these lines upside down, similarly, assume five lines in width see them one side to another. Repeat both exercises five times each. Then close your eyes and take deep breaths and rotate your pupils in the round. Try this exercise for five times too.

Exercise 4

One Easy exercise for eyes is this that put your one hand on one eye. With your other eye see anything in the room with concentration. Similarly, eyes specialists take an exercise, which is called “pencil pushups therapy”. In this taking pencil in one hand and it is kept vertically and it is asked to keep the eye contact on tip of the pencil. Then pencil is slowly taken toward the nose, as soon as pencil sights double again the pencil it moved back. In each session, eye specialists ask to repeat this exercise several times. The patient is also asked to repeat this exercise at home. Women can also try this exercise at home, it can remove the blurriness of sight, on the other hand, capability to focus on one this also start to increase.

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